Information on Safety

Risk Assessment Read carefully

 - Rodeo Bull Hazard Area Risk Existing Controls Likelihood 1 - 5 Severity 1 - 5 Risk Score L x S Action to take Rodeo Bull Danger off falling due to insufficient rider height. The minimum height for any user is 1.2 meters. Anyone under this height may not be permitted to use the multiride unless they are able to mount the ride un-aided. 1 5 5 None Rodeo Bull Danger of being struck by the multiride attachments or its users. Spectators are Not permitted to lean over the inflatable bed at any time. 2 4 8 None Rodeo Bull Danger of unnecessary injury. Ensure that no one with a history of back or neck problems or who suffers from a heart complaint uses the Inflatable or anyone who is feeling unwell or suffering the effects of alcohol or drugs & Pregnant women may NOT use any equipment at anytime. 1 5 5 None Rodeo Bull Overloading or Tipping over. No user weighing over 90kg or 14 stone is permitted to ride the attachment at any time as the mechanics can become unsteady and can lead to unit failure. 1 5 5 None Rodeo Bull Unable to locate the safety cut out. Unfortunately, anyone who is visually impaired or blind is not permitted to ride the attachments. 1 3 3 None Rodeo Bull Adverse weather conditions. The ride will be switched off in heavy rain and is not permitted to run in strong winds as both these conditions can be deemed a health and safety risk. Dependant on weather Dependant on weather Dependant on weather None Rodeo Bull Danger of injury from hard surfaces. The ride must never be mounted unless the inflatable bed is fully inflated whether the bull is in operation or not as this can lead to serious injury. 1 4 4 None Rodeo Bull Injury through lack of supervision. A fully trained operator must be present with he bull at all times, in the event that the operator is not in view Do Not enter the inflatable or mount the bull under any circumstances. 1 5 5 None Rodeo Bull Injury through rider collisions. Please note that only one person may ride the bull at any one time for safety reasons. 1 5 5 None Rodeo Bull Rope burns or wrist strain. There is a rodeo holding rope located at the top of the bull, behind the head which must be firmly held onto before the bull is started, please Do Not wrap the rode around your wrist as this can lead to serious injury, under no circumstances must the rider hold onto the horns. 1 3 3 None Rodeo Bull Injury through incorrect positioning. Do not move or try to reposition the inflatable under any circumstances and ensure that the anchors are in place at all times. 1 2 2 None Rodeo Bull Injury through mechanisms. Hands and feet must be kept away from all moving parts and should be in contact with the bull at all times. 1 5 5 None Rodeo Bull Injury by collision after falling. Please ensure that after you have fallen off the bull you remain on the bed until the bull has ceased spinning and the operator is satisfied that you disembark the inflatable. 2 2 4 None Rodeo Bull Choking No food drinks or chewing gum to be allowed on or near the Inflatable. 1 4 4 None Rodeo Bull Injury through 3rd party items All shoes, glasses, jewellery, badges MUST be removed before using this Inflatable. 1 5 5 None Rodeo Bull Injury through falling from Bull A supervisor will be provided at all times to ensure the correct riding positions are observed. If the rider is not complying with the operators instructions the rider will be removed. Whilst all steps are taken to avoid unnecessary falling from the bull, falling from the bull is almost unavoidable and is the very nature of the ride itself and therefore it must be accepted that injuries may occur from time to time. The correct falling position may reduce the level of injury, however the falling position must be decided upon by the rider or individual as they see fit. Guidance is available if required. 1 5 5 None Rodeo Bull Danger of fire. No smoking or barbecues near the Inflatable at any time. 1 5 5 None Rodeo Bull Danger of falling from height. Climbing, hanging or sitting on walls is DANGEROUS and must not be allowed at any time, All our bull beds have low walls for supervision purposes, this rule is exceptionally important when the inflatable is erected on hard surfaces. 1 3 3 None Rodeo Bull Injury through 3rd party & spectators. Always ensure that the area surrounding the Inflatable is not overcrowded. 2 3 6 None Rodeo Bull Emergency In the event that someone is seriously injured, DO NOT move the individual, leave the inflatable switched on and dial 999 immediately. 1 5 5 None Rodeo Bull Injury through lack of inflatable pressure or suffocation. Do not allow anyone to be on the Inflatable during inflation or deflation as this can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. 1 2 2 None Rodeo Bull Injury through bouncing out of the inflatable ring. Ensure that an area of 6 feet (2 meters) around the unit is completely clear and ensure the area in which the castle is to be erected is completely swept of debris, before our arrival if possible. 1 3 3 None Rodeo Bull Injury through insecure anchorage. Never use this unit without proper anchorage in place, It may be blown over in certain wind conditions, If the inflatable unit is not anchored correctly please ensure you tell the erection team before they leave as we keep a tight schedule and may not be able to return immediately. 1 5 5 None Rodeo Bull Unruly Behaviour. The most important rule of all is that the operator’s decision is final, refusal to abide by the operators guidance will result in ride refusal & in extreme circumstances closure of the unit. 1 2 2 None L=Likelihood S=Severity L*S= Risk 1=Low 5=High Risk is worked out using numbers 1 - 5. The likelihood is given a number and this is multiplied by the number given to the severity of the risk. The result = the risk factor. This generic risk assessment is brief and we have our own individual assessments for each individual risk, 25 being the worst possible outcome, any item reaching 25 would give serious cause for concern & we would not be able to erect the rodeo unit. It is recommended that clients undertake their own risk assessment to suit their requirements